Sustanon 250

sustanon_250Sustanon-250 (also known as Sustanon, Sustauretard, Tetrasterone, Omnadren-250, Omka) is one of the strongest anabolic steroids. It is unique in composition. It was developed and released by the company “Organon” as an aid for those men who had an understated level of development of their own testosterone. His popularity was received in 1980-1990gg. He was written in newspapers and studied his unique properties. In the peak of his popularity, the drug helped Not one hundred men. Having appeared on the market, the steroid quickly earned the confidence of the athletes as well, as it was discovered that it helps in the shortest possible time to increase muscle mass and strength of the athlete, without requiring frequent use. You can buy the Soust in our online store¬†Lifesportpower at a low price. He especially liked powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters. Currently, the most popular analog is Omnadren-250. It is similar in composition and action to the joints, only it contains, instead of the ether of the decanoate, the capronate, which in terms of the duration of the action is not inferior to the decanoate.

Composition of the preparation

Sustanon-250 consists of a mixture of testosterone esters of different properties:

  • 30mg – Testosterone propionate
  • 60 mg-Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 60mg – Testosterone isocaproate
  • 100mg-Testosterone Decanoate.
    Peanut butter and benzyl alcohol are also included.

Each testosterone mixture is unique in its own way and has its own speed of action and elimination from the body. After the injection of testosterone propionate, its effect occurs on the same day, and testosterone isocaproate and phenylpropionate after two days, due to this, even after a single dose of the drug, the duration of the action is maintained up to four weeks. This is important.

Steroid profile:

  • converts into estrogens
  • has a high anabolic and androgenic index – 100% / 100%
  • 15 days duration of action

Pros of Sustanon-250:

  • increases stamina
  • at times and in a short time increases the strength and muscle mass
  • improves appetite
  • increases libido
  • detains in the body much less water compared with other drugs
  • Includes nerves (concerns hard training)

The cons of Sustanon-250:

  • At the time of taking the drug, blocking the development of their own testosterone

The correct steroid course is:

sustAs it was said above, the Sustanon-250 begins to work the next day after the reception. The course itself lasts about six to eight weeks. Since the drug is an oily solution, it is used intramuscularly, deeply injecting into the gluteus muscle. The injection is put once a week (250-700 mg) due to its long-acting effect. For beginners, large doses are not recommended, but they can vary in the order of magnification, depending on your weight, whether you have taken other drugs before, and how long you have been doing. It is also important that even in small doses you can achieve excellent results, even if you have repeatedly used this steroid. Also, athletes also noticed that taking a steroid increases endurance, especially with regard to hard training. With it you can work harder and at the end of training there will be no feeling of wild fatigue. Further, a week after the injection, aromatase inhibitors begin to be taken. Most often use Anastrozole (every other day, 0.5 mg). It is finished two weeks after the end of the course. Then, three weeks after the termination of the course, Tamoxifen is taken (as a post-course therapy, it helps to develop its own testosterone production) three to four weeks.

Omnadren-250 (cust) so loved by athletes is well combined with other anabolics:

  • Stanosol (for relief)
  • Nandrolone (d / set of mass)
  • Winstrol (drying, relief)
  • Androlyk (anti-estrogen)

Side Effects:

During the administration of the drug, headaches, irritability, aggressiveness are possible (however your emotional background comes back to normal after the end of Omnadren 250 intake), a slight water retention in the body.

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