winstrol1Winstrol (also known as liquid Winstrol, Stanozolol) is an anabolic, dihydrotestosterone derivative, with reduced androgenic properties.The steroid was developed in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories for the treatment of angioneurotic edema, anemia, to accelerate the recovery of the body after severe Operations, in veterinary medicine: to increase the appetite of animals, to strengthen bones and to increase the muscles.Some time later it was used on animals, in particular on horses (cross-country) in order to increase the speed indicators. Then Winstrol became popular in various sports, one of which was power, and his bodybuilders are very fond of him and are taking to prepare for competitions, as well as during the off-season.

The steroid is great for “drying “, But it can also be used for mass gathering, but it will increase gradually and eventually it will be very high quality .The drug does not hold water and because of this you get an excellent relief, high-quality musculature, it also means It increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. In the market, in free sale Winstrol liquid is relatively short – since 1984. Known is the fact that it was thanks to this steroid that the world-famous athlete Ben Johnson brought victory in athletics competitions, and his elegant embossed forms were long talked about and admired. There is also a tablet form of a steroid, but we will consider just the injection form.

The active ingredient here is Stanozolol and what distinguishes it from many other steroids is that it is dissolved in water, not in oil. Due to this, it is considered practically harmless, which makes it possible for women to take it, immediately penetrates into the blood, but thanks to a fast half-life, it requires more frequent injections. However, after the course is quickly removed from the body and leaves behind a qualitative relief, considerable strength and endurance. There are several manufacturing companies Winstrol, but the most popular is Winstrol Depot (Spain). PharmSport advises you to buy liquid Winstrol in our store without fear of fakes.

Steroid profile of Stanozolol:

  •  anabolic activity of testosterone-320%
  •  androgenic activity from testosterone – 30%
  •  it does not aromatize
  •  application: injections (in the buttocks)
  •  non-toxic to the liver
  •  up to 8 hours in the body

Positive traits:

  •  gives excellent relief
  •  at times increases strength and endurance
  •  promotes fat burning
  •  increases appetite

Ideal for “drying”. Well, if you want to gain mass, then in combination with other steroids you can get excellent results. The main thing is to make a course correctly.

The course of injecting Winstrol:

WinstrolSteroid is practically harmless in comparison with other anabolics, so it can be used by women. Also great for beginners and those athletes who are afraid of strong steroid courses. For beginners, the recommended dosage – a couple of times a week, more experienced athletes put from 4 to 7 injections per week. The area of application is the gluteus muscles, but relatively recently athletes began to use other places for injections. It is believed that the result is achieved in a certain group of muscles so quickly. It is advisable to put the injections in one particular time, for the best result. The whole course can last from five to eight weeks, and importantly, no post-course therapy is required. Together with the right course, training and nutrition, you can get a “dry” (qualitative) increase of 8-10kg, as well as remarkable strength and perfectly refined relief.

Combined reception:


  • Parabolan
  • Testosterone
  • Turinabol
  • Methandrostenolone

The most favorite. Effective and harmless combination with Primobol or Nandrolone
For “drying” – Trenbolon (for hardness and improved relief).

Winstrol side effects:

  • pain in the joints is possible, since the steroid removes fluid from the body. (For the course time)
  • slightly suppresses the production of own testosterone
  • Sensitive injections.

Create a course correctly and then the pobachku can be minimized, and perhaps even avoided. Lifesportpower offers a wide selection of steroids, one of them is Winstrol Injection, which you can buy on our website quickly, simply and at low prices.