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The use of so-called “soft” steroids in bodybuilding can be compared with the search for a philosopher’s stone. Modern athletes are concerned about a task that is similar to the meaning of life of ancient alchemists – they seek to find the safest for the body and at the same time a highly effective drug. However, he should not provoke problems with the hormonal background, aromatization, and also must be non-toxic to internal organs. A huge step to success is made by athletes who decide to “cum” Primobolan.


PrimobolanWhy are representatives of many sports disciplines today seeking to buy Primobolan Balkan. It is a brand of anabolic methanololone. It is still available under the names Primobol, Primover, Methenolone Enanthate and others. The steroid is endowed with pronounced anabolic (88% of testosterone) and androgenic (44%) properties, and from the point of view of chemistry is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. And although the effect of its reception is somewhat weaker than from the same Deca Durabolin, Primobolan knows his business and is an excellent basic product, similar in performance to Masteron. Steroid is effective both on the solo course, and in combination with any of the known modern AAS. Produced in the form of injections and tablets. Experienced athletes prefer injections, because they know about a short period of work in the body of the oral form of the remedy – no more than 5 hours (injections – 10-14 days). Injection Primobolan is moderately toxic for the liver, is not prone to conversion to estrogens, and for doping control is detected in the blood for up to 6 months. But newcomers because of the lack of practical experience in the introduction of a steroid less often choose injections.

Effects of admission

Many athletes want to order Primobol Balkan, because they expect to get concrete results.

The course of Primus provides an impressive and guaranteed muscular growth, reduces fat deposits, increases physical strength. Muscular flow and increase in relief are noted. The steroid is often used in drying courses in order to preserve the muscular system. Appreciated by athletes for the opportunity to get the most hard and dense relief at the exit, as well as the minimal phenomenon of pullback.

The course of solo and combination

The average steroid work schedule lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. How to stab Primobolan. The dosage is about 400 mg per week. In practice, men use the drug for 100-200 mg, but experienced bodybuilders, for example, can increase the amount from 600 to 800 mg per week. Women are recommended to stab 100, but not more than 200 mg. PCT should be started 3 weeks after the last administration of Primobolan, Methane.

The advantage of a steroid is that it perfectly combines on courses with any of the modern drugs. To get a quick build up of quality musculature, you can combine it with different testosterones, a course with propionate, Oksimetolon, Sustanon, Nandrolone, and Methandrostenolone. If you want to conduct a good drying, it is better to add Winstrol to the course.

There are many possible combinations of Primobolan with other steroids. For example, for pros, you can recommend a 10-12 week course of Primobolan, Testosterone enanthate and Methane. Or a combination of Primobolan with Testosterone propionate and Trenbolone acetate. Either a course for 11-12 weeks, consisting of Primobolan, Testosterone enanthate and Anabol. But for women any combination is not recommended, it is better to use a steroid solo Winstrol.

Side effects from the course Primobolan

Side effects from the course PrimobolanOn the course of admission, you should not be afraid of the development of such pobochkas as gynecomastia or the appearance of edema. Since a steroid is not peculiar to exert an estrogenic effect on the body. It is not excluded suppression of normal production of own testosterone. But the reduction in its production is almost doubled in practice only in the case of prolonged use of the steroid. To prevent this phenomenon, you should take gonadotropin on the steroid course itself, and after the cancellation of injections, testosterone booster. Not so often athletes encounter sleep disorders, increased nervous excitability, attacks of unmotivated aggression, as well as minor malfunctioning of the liver. But usually, when using Primobolan in medium dosages and no longer than the prescribed time, the occurrence of pimples can be avoided.